Paper Mario and the Origami Salami

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Never watch this video at 7:48 PM (EST)
dunko store

Trey Of War
Trey Of War Orë më parë
6:44. Aw what the bell.
bea 14 orë më parë
I have never played Paper Mario and I thought Donkey edited the dialogue and just did some clever editing with the character placements or something but after reading the comments I'm beginning to believe this is actually the game
Aflay 17 orë më parë
2:42 Haha, so that’s how toads are born- OH GOD
Devin Doesn't Like You
Devin Doesn't Like You 2 ditë më parë
1:25 if he told us he voiced the stump I would've believed him
The_Golden_Flare 3 ditë më parë
Insanexman 101
Insanexman 101 3 ditë më parë
If I had 10,000 coins I could win the game right now 𝗛𝗮𝘀 𝟭𝟬,𝟬𝟬𝟬 𝗰𝗼𝗶𝗻𝘀 𝗮𝗹𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱𝘆
InShane Inda Membrane
InShane Inda Membrane 3 ditë më parë
"What's happening" Top ten sayings before disaster
Christopher Worthington
Christopher Worthington 5 ditë më parë
the naughytdog reference bruuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
adrin K.
adrin K. 6 ditë më parë
when bobby died i stopped playing
Brian Retus
Brian Retus 6 ditë më parë
Hahah beat the devil outta it, nice to hear a fellow Bob ross man
Bren Scott
Bren Scott 8 ditë më parë
Why does the jump sound like Sonic's from sonic adventure lol
Complaintzy 8 ditë më parë
4:58 caught me so off guard I died of laughter the first time i watched this video.
Bryce Plummer
Bryce Plummer 9 ditë më parë
why did he put red dead footage in the middle of the mario video????
Julio -_-kujo
Julio -_-kujo 10 ditë më parë
This game is very weird and kinda scary
chromosoze 11 ditë më parë
wait bombette has exploding as a move and doesn't die everytime she explodes but the guy here explodes once and dies lame bobby's lame
Daniel Buller
Daniel Buller 14 ditë më parë
I gave up on that game. The 1000 year door is my favorite game of all time and I was hoping for some of that magic in this one, but all I got where cute dances and meaningless character interactions. Very sad, 2/10
Jakarius Smith
Jakarius Smith 16 ditë më parë
Demented Duskull
Demented Duskull 17 ditë më parë
I dont even want to play it anymore now that i know Bob-omb dies - Naughty Dog fans
Zak Divers
Zak Divers 18 ditë më parë
Andrew Trout
Andrew Trout 18 ditë më parë
"If I had 10,000 coins I could beat the game!" *currently has 10,000 coins*
sphexism 18 ditë më parë
Bring back Gex, he could take over the family friendly market.
Pouncing Dominoes
Pouncing Dominoes 19 ditë më parë
I am waiting for 7:48 pm...
rslashk 21 ditë më parë
I didn’t watch this at 7:48 PM EST
Michael Caudill
Michael Caudill 22 ditë më parë
might b a good one for dunkview
Bryan Arms
Bryan Arms 22 ditë më parë
I am still convinced that this is a horror game in disguise as a Mario title
Bepis 22 ditë më parë
“JOHN JOHN! WE HAVE TO ROB TAHITI!!!” Love that little reference
Martin Gamez
Martin Gamez 23 ditë më parë
I loved the Paper Mario but I could barely sit through this game.
Alexander Lee
Alexander Lee 24 ditë më parë
It looked like Aladdin version of paper Mario.
Gus the Goose
Gus the Goose 25 ditë më parë
"You can't change Color Splash, John..." 5:06
Hissing Geese Project
Hissing Geese Project 25 ditë më parë
Hate how no one mentions how much the star power music bangs
Rauf Razaque
Rauf Razaque 25 ditë më parë
whats the song in the end
Literary Landslide
Literary Landslide 26 ditë më parë
I had no idea Paper Mario was this funny & stylish lol. I loved the reaction shots for the guessing game at the end
Ubilicious 26 ditë më parë
He didn't show the combat because it sucks. Game woulda been okay if it were just an adventure game.
Slimes Jit
Slimes Jit 27 ditë më parë
The red dead joke took me
catchyalata777 28 ditë më parë
It really makes you FEEL like salami
Cooper M
Cooper M 28 ditë më parë
"I'm drawing a PHOTO of Yoshi"
Demented Duskull
Demented Duskull 17 ditë më parë
Cooper M The drawing wasnt low quality, ir was actually just a really realistic picture of a poorly done photo.
YoshiLover231 28 ditë më parë
Wait till ya see the ending of the game..
Oncely 29 ditë më parë
i want a review n o w
Leonardo Buesst
Leonardo Buesst Muaj më parë
Arsch Dee
Arsch Dee Muaj më parë
Origami Killer King. Ayyy high five bitches that was a good one! (get it? because it killed the fanbase...hihi)
Joel Domenech
Joel Domenech Muaj më parë
Who else is watching this video at 7:48 (EST)?
Nathan Danielsen
Nathan Danielsen Muaj më parë
Me: *watches video then reads description* Also me: *oh shit oh fuck oh no oh please god no Me again: is ded
Benks Muaj më parë
The dutch impression was spot on
syrus Muaj më parë
I love how he liked the Last of Us 2 but still makes a fuck ton of jokes about Naughty Dog almost like he acknowledges that the company is basically just “the character killers”
Euqirne Nodnacse
Euqirne Nodnacse Muaj më parë
Damn that sounds like a reach to me.
محمد العنزي EC3
محمد العنزي EC3 Muaj më parë
Nintendo games still have no Voice Acting xD
calvinjluther Muaj më parë
Whatever happened to Toadsworth?
OreoPug Muaj më parë
I cried when (spoiler warning) Bobby died :(
Hugh Neutron
Hugh Neutron Muaj më parë
3:15 boys and 3:00am
Mora Softwood 82
Mora Softwood 82 Muaj më parë
Love the humour.
Mr Copycat
Mr Copycat Muaj më parë
Is this a fever dream made game?
Z Kincheloe
Z Kincheloe Muaj më parë
I bought this game yesterday because I thought the humor was hilarious in this video. Wasn't wrong, love this game
The King of Potatoes
The King of Potatoes Muaj më parë
and that doesn't even mention the boss fight against a flesh golem made of faces call the "Paper Mistake"
Alex DuWaldt
Alex DuWaldt Muaj më parë
7:08 You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
owencfarrow Muaj më parë
Winston 3 helmet made me spit my drink out hahahahaha
Nanosiegert Muaj më parë
This is the funniest fucking video I've ever seen
Robert Thorburn
Robert Thorburn Muaj më parë
"What's happening?" Damn it Dunkey
nik t
nik t Muaj më parë
This game is like a drug trip gone very wrong. Or very right depending on how psychotic you are.
Chad Peterson
Chad Peterson Muaj më parë
Now I'm sad
Jace Hyman
Jace Hyman Muaj më parë
That ending fucking slugged me
CheeseNJunk Muaj më parë
Keep gettin the names of the games wrong and I'm gonna start to think you don't even deserve to play knack 3d if ur gonna just insult it like you did this baby game
Matthew Smeltzer
Matthew Smeltzer Muaj më parë
So confession. The first time I watched this, I was high as balls and thought I hallucinated the entire video. To my pleasant surprise, I did not.
chito chi
chito chi Muaj më parë
the cafe bar scene is everything
SamuiriGuy Muaj më parë
I just realized when Dunk said if he had 10,000 coins he could beat the game he already had 10,000 coins 😂
Rydian Muaj më parë
feels like a john mulaney fan made this game.
Albert Tapiero
Albert Tapiero Muaj më parë
Make a video on luigis mansion 3
Evan [REDACTED] Muaj më parë
Much like how Dunkey's Odyssey video convinced people to buy that game, this video has convinced me to get Origami Salami.
Noah Miller
Noah Miller Muaj më parë
I feel like this game was made specifically just for dunkey.
Agustin Chaparro
Agustin Chaparro Muaj më parë
The Jigular
The Jigular Muaj më parë
I want to see a dunk view of super mario galaxy
Euqirne Nodnacse
Euqirne Nodnacse Muaj më parë
You got it
OffensiveButter Muaj më parë
This looks good until you get into combat...
Fire7224 Muaj më parë
The fact that dunkey didn’t voice the tape pains me greatly.
aderose Muaj më parë
Meh. It’s no Knack 5.
Dolphinboi - Play Monster Rancher
Dolphinboi - Play Monster Rancher Muaj më parë
Remember when Bobbery exploded and he was fucking alive because he wasn't a fucking dumbass?
Nolan Roy
Nolan Roy Muaj më parë
This is like undertale's humour
Brandon Cubell
Brandon Cubell Muaj më parë
I’ve rewatched this video so much I’m probably all 2 million of the views
Majictrix Muaj më parë
Dunston check in
n8than Muaj më parë
why is this game so dark wtf
Wedro Muaj më parë
Thank you Mr Kojima from Kojima Studios. Very good.
xryanv Muaj më parë
Mario actually dies every time he fax travels and a new identical copy is made.
CorporateSalmon66 Muaj më parë
I honestly can’t tell if he likes this game or not
Lama Su
Lama Su Muaj më parë
This entire game is a fever dream
Juan Carlos Gonzalez
Juan Carlos Gonzalez Muaj më parë
I do not understand why would you SPOIL what may be the only emotional moment in the game. At least put some spoiler warning.
Charlie Koszulinski
Charlie Koszulinski Muaj më parë
Alright, now I don’t have to play this game!
Guillermo D12
Guillermo D12 Muaj më parë
Good stuff but needs more Gex
D1m Dom
D1m Dom Muaj më parë
One of my favorites 😂
the last thing you'll ever see
the last thing you'll ever see Muaj më parë
"don't rip his head off this time" toad: *does not have a face* pretty sure he won't feel it then
Matthew Marlow
Matthew Marlow Muaj më parë
greengrass Muaj më parë
how does anyone watch this guy he's so annoying wtf
Kickspam Muaj më parë
Gonna cry?
Ben Finkelstein
Ben Finkelstein Muaj më parë
This Jazzpunk sequel really makes you FEEL like Mario
Derek Pearman
Derek Pearman Muaj më parë
RIP Bobby
adam vui
adam vui Muaj më parë
Nintendo sucks they don't even release any good first person shooters
Hudson Bowyer
Hudson Bowyer Muaj më parë
0:29 simp move
pknm Muaj më parë
lay lover
lay lover Muaj më parë
This game is hilarious. Mario reaching out his arms never gets old.
Sofa King
Sofa King Muaj më parë
Never talk to Mario or his son again
George Ariza
George Ariza Muaj më parë
wait isn't this in dreams? theres no way this is the actual game
T King
T King Muaj më parë
Great gameplay of the TLOU 2
Unknown Curse
Unknown Curse Muaj më parë
At the start of the video, listen to it in a silent room, too scary turn the game off
símplyxløvē Muaj më parë
Mario Do Got Them Moves Thou
catatatata yikes
catatatata yikes Muaj më parë
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